What is Chrome Delivery Inc.?

It’s simple, Chrome Delivery is an online Grocery store for Las Cruces, NM, that offers same day delivery. We get all the groceries to your home.
So if you’re too busy, hurt, feeling a little lazy or can’t drive, order from us.

So, do you deliver anywhere in Las Cruces? Even near the White Sands Missile Range or by the Airport?

Yes. If you live in Las Cruces, anywhere in Las Cruces, we’ll be able to deliver your groceries. No problem

When are my groceries delivered?

You can choose an available time window at anytime. Just click on the tab – DELIVERY HOURS AVAILABLE – and choose your desired time slot.

Are you the only Grocery Delivery service in Las Cruces?

Definitely not.

Other services in town include (but are not limited to)


(We are not affiliated with any of the following websites)

What are your delivering hours?

Our Delivery Hours

(Monday-Sunday) (9AM – 9PM)

What is the delivery Fee?

Delivery is only $5.00 for same day delivery

Free Delivery coupon codes may be available in our Instagram Page every now and then. Also, keep an eye out we may have Free delivery promotions on random days.

So if I place an order at 10 pm for example, will I get my groceries that day?

We will deliver your order the next day.  Our delivery hours are from 9 am- 9 pm.

Can I purchase food for my child who is a student at NMSU?

Of course. We have a huge amount of parents who have kids studying in NMSU, the parents purchase the groceries and we deliver them to their son or daughter’s apartment.

Can I purchase food for my Dad/Mom who is a senior and is living in Las Cruces?

Of course. 1/4 of our orders are from out of state sons/daughters who have parents in Senior Care in Las Cruces, they purchase the groceries and we deliver them to their parents.

What if I have a question?

You can also leave us a comment or ask us a question, just click (CONTACT US).

Do I have to tip the delivery person?

No. We NEVER accept tips upon delivery. We want our customers to feel comfortable and not feel obligated to tip us. We want your returning service, that is our tip.

Do you offer a lot of variety?

Absolutely. We have over 3500 products in our website. Take a look, whatever you’re looking for, we probably have it.

What if you don’t have a product I’m looking for?

Without suggestions our store would expand much slower, but since many people constantly suggest new items, it helps us expand quickly. So if you would like us to add a product, just click on our SUGGESTION tab and let us know what products we are missing.

Can I place an order, for example at 3AM?

Yes. Orders can be placed at anytime.

What if a product is out of stock?

In the rare occasion that a product is out of stock we will refund you in full

Do you offer any organic products?

Right now we don’t. We are a relatively new company  which means that we are always adding products. We are always growing.

We are currently working on adding Organic Products & Seafood. They are all coming soon.

Do you accept debit cards?

Yes. We work with PayPal, so that enables us to accept all major credit and debit cards.

Do you deliver anywhere besides Las Cruces, NM?

Unfortunately we don’t.

Do you have online reviews?

Absolutely, we have Google reviews and we receive emails (chromedelivery@yahoo.com) with compliments….here are a few examples:

What our customers are saying….

“By far the easiest online grocery shopping experience in Las Cruces, NM” – J. Samwells (Customer)

“An amazing service!” – G. Terry (Customer)

“Shout out to this company for delivering groceries to my grandma in Las Cruces.” J. Ramirez (Customer)

“Free Delivery….yes please. You guys rock!!! My daughter at NMSU loves your service. Happy Mom here, thx” – L. Ojeda (Customer)

Do you guys have an online ad or TV ad?

We do have an online ad on YouTube, but we don’t have a TV ad.


Orders must be placed at least 24 hrs prior to delivery time. Please note the time you would like your order to be delivered. Delivery times Monday-Friday 8am-9am; Wednesdays & Fridays 5pm-6:30pm